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How to choose a restaurant for a wedding banquet?

The main item is the cost of a wedding is a celebration and choice of menu celebration. But the future newlyweds often do not know how to choose the right restaurant or hotel in Kiev, which is to communicate and get to know what the administrator when the book room, and etc. We will try to shed light on these questions.

First Stage - pre-selected restaurants

The first rule - start searching the restaurant in advance, ideally - for 2-3 months. And if your wedding will be in the midst of "mating season", better start looking earlier. Be sure to stock up spare time - you'll have to travel a lot, talk a lot of trying. But there is a plus - you will have a couple of romantic nights, combined with tasting food restaurants - candidates to host your wedding.

Selected your kitchen for meals. You can make a classic, and you can surprise your guests with a variety of Chinese, Italian, and even Caucasian cuisine. The main thing that the dishes were delicious and everyone liked it.

Calculate the approximate, and ideally - as the exact number of guests. This will determine not only the triumph of the budget, but also the size of a banquet hall or restaurant, as well as the possibility of food. Do not forget to check with the manager if they have a standard offer for the wedding. Usually, cafes and restaurants produce their vision celebration with a list of the main dishes.

Also be sure to ask, what is the minimum payment for the full rent cafe / restaurant and whether you can bring with them additional products (eg, alcohol, sweets, meat, etc.). All of these points can be specified on the phone during a conversation with the manager - so you immediately will eliminate unsuitable proposals to spend a minimum of time.

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