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The story of pizza

If you were asked which country is the birthplace of pizza, what would you say? Likely would have called Italy. In actual fact this is not quite true. Before the advent of Italian pizza (or rather its ancestor) ate Vikings, Aztecs and the ancient Greeks. And only with the XVI century, the mass began to prepare a pizza in the lands of present-day Italy.

One of the possible occurrence of pizza places - Ancient Greece. Source are the works of Plato, who described the feast of the ancient Greeks: the wine Greeks used the cake with the filling with cheese, onions, herbs and oils. Flatbread was round and flat, making called "plakuntos."

Later, the Romans, accustomed to copy all of the captive Greeks (including religion, form of government, etc.) have also started to flat cakes, renaming them "placenta."

Theory of the origin of the ancient Greeks pizza contest in Norway. Norwegian ethnologist Ridbergolts believes that pizza was invented it was the Vikings. Is confirmed by the excavations of archaeologists who in each settlement are ancient pans for cooking. Pans were the Vikings for making flat cakes, which were put vegetables, meat or fish.

There is also a third theory of similarity when the first pizza. In ancient Persian records indicate that the soldiers of the great army of King Darius in food consumed food prepared by their own boards. On a board put a thin layer of dough, it laid out the dates and cheese and baked in the fire.

In Italy were used as bread, similar to modern pizza. But the mention of these foods are found in sources later than the Greeks, the Vikings and the Persians. Such as the invention of the modern pizza credited Roman Lucullus. He, like all Romans, was a lover of feasts and feasts (from him went the phrase "Lucullean Feast").

But since that time in Italy was not yet tomatoes, as they are only in the late Middle Ages were brought from America, and pizza without tomato - not exactly pizza, pizza Lucullus fact invention is very controversial.

Also in Italy, prepared "focaccia" - tortilla stuffed with minimal or no. Focaccia was breakfast, lunch and dinner all the peasants and soldiers of the Italian land. But now, the Italians clearly differentiate the concept of pizza and focaccia, thus emphasizing ease of cooking baking cakes and complexity of this pizza.

By the way, Italian pizza is a cultural value in the country. There is even a special certification of pizza, which is obtained only for the original manufacturers of pizza, the "official" recipe preparation. If pizza is not cooked in a special oven with wood - the Italians call it is not a pizza, and the usual pie filling.

But that does not stop us from enjoying taste, if not real, but still delicious and nutritious pizza in one of more than 50 pizzerias Kiev or order a pizza directly on the house.

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