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Soups are a traditional food of many cuisines in the world so there are plenty of recipes for soups and get lost in them, especially the non-professional, quite easily. The ingredients that make up the soup, very diverse: from the simple and necessary everywhere (such as potatoes, onions) to the exotic (such as olives, anchovies, mussels, giving soups delicious and unique taste.) At some soup just be sure to add the tomato paste or smoked ham, and some soups are not needed. Some soups require roasting vegetables, while others do not need it. Therefore it is very important to distinguish one kind of soup from another, and not confuse their constituents.

Borscht is a traditional Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. Its integral part - is beets. Without it can not do any soup. However, there are several varieties of borscht, the preparation of which is used not the beetroot and its greens. The more in borsch vegetables and herbs, the better. In the old days there was a view in the Ukraine, the more the hostess put products into your soup, the richer its economy. Especially trying to add more vegetables if desired to please an important guest. That tradition is in our time. Therefore, the expensive restaurants in soup put only the best products.

To soup was a thick and rich, it adds the flour. and before it fried. On request, we can put soup greens: parsley, chives, dill, bay leaves, parsley, basil, etc. Just before serving soup to the table to add the sour cream.

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