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What is self-service

For many modern cafes, and especially for large public coffee table (production table), use a special self-service system. In the cafe, providing for self-serving, drinks and utensils placed on special shelves. People are lining up with trays of each other and move along these shelves, being able to see all the meals offered. Moving up to the counter, standing at the end of the counter, the visitors put your meal on a tray.

Separate meals (snacks, salads, etc.) are on the counter, already laid out on plates, soft drinks - in the cups, and the bread, cut into chunks, and - on a large tray, hot meals (soups, side dishes, meat, fish, etc .) are in pots, located in special containers along the counter. For such counters are waiters (chef), which are committed to spread out hot meals on plates directly to every visitor who orders these dishes right there on the spot. Typically, this service attendants are over.

Having put on the tray all the selected food and taking about cashier cutlery (spoon, fork, knife), a visitor, having paid in cash, is sent to the table. Once a visitor ate, he puts the used dishes on the tray and independently assigns it to a specific window (in posudomoynoe room), which is located at the entrance of the hall cafe. Here are the sink for washing hands and elektrosushilki.

Serving tables in the cafe minimal: the tables are: Salt, pepper, napkins, sometimes - a vase with flowers.

Such a form of self-service is ideal for large coffee table with a large number of visitors and a rapid succession. There is a long counter with dishes does not allow visitors to stand still for a long time, the choice of food and pay them in cash occur immediately and allow a short time to serve a large number of people. Almost all the staff working behind the counter (chefs who do cooking, and the waiters, to lay out food on plates and distribute them to the visitors, the cashier), and only a few waiters (1 to 5) are working in the hall, watching the tables.

Of the large number of visitors in these coffee table in certain "peak hours" (eg, lunch) at the counter is built quite a long line, and at the same table have to sit a few people, so visitors eaten without removing the dish from the tray to not take up much space. To some extent, this has the advantage: with this use of food trays occupy the entire surface of the table and the tables almost clogged, which facilitates working waiters.

Because of the abundance of visitors to control the behavior of many of them in these cafes is not possible, so the waiters often by clearing the tables left the dishes.

Another form of self-service is also practiced in the small cafe-bar, which is rarely a lot of visitors, as well as family-style cafe. In those and other self-applied by the small number of staff. In a large counter is not necessary here. Visitor immediately takes to order dishes from the seller at a small counter and then pays the cashier or by the seller, and then removed to a table, eating utensils used and referred to a special table or leave it on the table in the event that there is a waiter in a cafe which is committed to clearing the tables used dishes, wiping tables, changing napkins.

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