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 It's Cool:


8 of the selection of the restaurant for a wedding

1. For the amount you originally planned for the restaurant, add a third of that amount of money. For contingencies. Believe me, they will.

2. Assess your capabilities by dividing the total amount of money allocated by the number of guests. If the resulting number of indecent little money, try to reduce the number of guests.

3. If you rarely spend time in restaurants, talk to friends and acquaintances, who is a frequent guest of such institutions.

4. Take advantage of the Guide 059 or Internet resources devoted to the search restaurants in Kiev

5. Make a preliminary list of 5-10 schools and visit each of them as a regular guest. Compare prices, quality of service, time and location. Draw conclusions.

6. Collect 2.3 institution. Peruse the menu of each of the restaurants. It should not be monotonous, contain meat and fish dishes as well as appetizers, salads, etc.

7. Put an end to the selection of a restaurant. Compare the prices offered, choose one restaurant for everyone.

8. Check with the administrator of all the details, book the date, menu, make an advance reservation for the restaurant.

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