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Restaurants - Theory

What is a restaurant

Restaurants - is a specialized public catering (catering), are engaged in making and selling finished products of food consumption. Restaurants are independent (independent agency) and can organize a network (Trump Card, World Map, etc.)

Classification restaurants

Restaurants on the quality of preparation and service are divided into:

- Fast-food restaurants (so-called fast-food)

- Restaurants in the middle category

- Restaurants in the highest category (exclusive cuisine, perfect service and maintenance)

As restaurants are classified by style cuisine. The most popular dishes among restaurants in Kiev:

- European cuisine;

- Spanish;

- Caucasian cuisine;

- Italian;

- French cuisine;

- Eastern cuisine

and others.

As a rule, it is open from morning until the last guest. The greatest people in the restaurant is in the evening and during the lunch lunch. Therefore, if you plan to go to a restaurant, it is best to book a table in advance.

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