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 It's Cool:


Choosing a restaurant for a wedding banquet

Step Two - Checking in practice

After initial screening, you should stay a couple of suitable proposals. Here it is time to move on to the next stage - to visit and the final choice. When you visit, pay attention to:

- The availability of parking, convenient access to restaurant / cafe

- Clean around the building, the very look of the restaurant / cafe

- Convenient to transportation (public transportation, distance from the subway, etc.)

More complicated. We go inside the institution, pay attention to all the details. The main thing you should immediately put the emphasis:

The interior, the atmosphere in the restaurant

- availability of toilets (they are clean), there is a wardrobe for clothes

- availability of changing rooms (for Toastmasters)

- availability of space for a dance floor and music (DJ)

If at first you all come, ask the administrator to come. Here begins the third and final stage - negotiations and bookings.

Step Three - debate with the administrator

Administrator of the restaurant you will find a lot of information. Main:

- is there a wedding menu, to read it;

- know the cost of the banquet for one person;

- clarify whether there is an additional charge for rent restaurant;

- what is the minimum order;

- do we need an advance payment for reservation;

- whether part of the products to bring;

- do not change the final amount in two months, and when a wedding;

- allows an administrator to guarantee the reservation date;

- is it possible to decorate room;

- is there any additional restrictions during the wedding;

- to which the hour is a restaurant;

- there is a fridge cake and other perishable products;

- is there a discount (a very important point, believe me, they usually have :)

At last

If you are not sure which of 2-3 suitable restaurants to choose, go to them as a regular guest. Look at the speed of bringing order, service, and most importantly - the taste of cooked dishes. Or just trust intuition. Good Luck!

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