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Choosing a restaurant in Kiev in the kitchen

Catering to the world to give their trends and Kiev. Restaurants here are a variety of cuisines: European, Caucasian, Japanese, and so on. Each features its own kitchen, specialties and customs. Let us briefly explain them one of the types of food that can be enjoyed in the restaurant of Kiev.

Outset that cafes and restaurants - they are completely different schools, so the kitchen standard cafe in Kiev will not speak.

Usually restaurant menu lists all the dishes that are standard offering institution. But Kiev restaurants VIP-level cook a dish to order, which is not on the restaurant menu, if it is a traditional dish for the kitchen facilities.

Japanese restaurant

Japanese cuisine is varied and specific. First of all it is connected with the story. Rocky land of islands, Japan has never allowed special parade in terms of food. Food shortages carefully taught the Japanese to treat food, and the lack of fuel forced the Japanese used to use in raw food edible.

A distinctive feature of traditional Japanese food is no bread on the table. Only in the middle of the 80th of the last century the Japanese started eating baked goods. Today, the Japanese restaurant with bread in the restaurant menu, thus adapt it to the Ukrainians.

Only after World War II the Japanese began using butter and lard for frying foods. Prior to that only used oil. Also a hallmark of Japanese restaurants is the almost complete absence of desserts and sweet dishes. In their place fresh fruit.

Japanese restaurants often Kiev menu includes not only Japanese cuisine, but also the whole of the East - Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai.

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