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 It's Cool:


Prison Pizza

If you love pizza really hard, not even tyurme prigrada to enjoy a meal. Washington state prison inmates released book "The Cook Book criminal," which includes recipes that can be made in-camera, with no plates. Recipe "prison pizza" in the book took a worthy place.

"We wanted to get around Martha Stewart" - a description of the book was given by one of the prisoners. Recipes published in the book, a tremendous variety and ingenuity.

In a book of 163 pages with pictures includes such recipes as "toffee with cellblock", "prison mixture", "sandwich obkurschika." At the end of the book - a useful glossary of prison slang. Additionally included short facts and revelations zaklyuchvnnyh of prison life.

And you can read the essay "Why do we prepare in chambers" and "bad guys, good taste?" Written by Rick Webb. He explains that despite the fact that the prison fed normal food eventually becomes boring and monotonous, and the preparation of their food in the chamber provides diversity and allows display of creativity.

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