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 It's Cool:


Pizza is useful when it is fresh!

Pizza - delicious and healthy food, but ... only if it is fresh, high quality product. Sure of it (or otherwise) will help packing.

First introduction to the Mediterranean to settle down in our breakfast, lunch or a romantic dinner "for two" begins with the packaging. Properly "packaged" product - the sign (and sign) the manufacturer of respect not only to themselves but also to the consumer.

In civilized countries, packing for pizza (often glimpsed narossiyskom TV shots of foreign films and TV series) often sluzhitkartonnaya box (dressed), but sometimes just food film snakleennoy label. But the main thing in this case - not to "suit sitting" and the intrinsic quality of the product. In order to determine the merits of such need to carefully look at the details of the external decoration.

And on the box, and the film should be the terms and conditions hraneniyai date of manufacture. If you "guarantee" at least in the first freshness all year round - the guarantors, to put it mildly, disingenuous, and still do not know what more to a pizza - fresh or preservatives? Natural fresh pizza can be stored in the freezer (!) Only for 3 months: in anticipation of the spring and summer, the more knowledge of this will help you avoid food poisoning.

Necessarily transfer to the packing of the product ingredients, including fragrances and preservatives. Should be ukazanyi energy (food) value, protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins.

Looking for information about the location of the manufacturer (address and phone), as any consumer should be sure that he could express his wishes about the product is not in the void mailbox, and in the face of the manufacturer.

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