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Margarita - Pizza Kings

The origin of pizza back to the time when a few thousand years ago in ancient Egypt, there were yeast and sour dough. In ancient Greece began to bake the dough together with seasoning, as which could serve as vegetables, meats, olives, dairy products, etc. Greek pizza called "plakuntos", that is "baked flat bread."

In addition to the direct purpose it served also dish. Romans famous glutton and master mix neudobosovmestimoe abundantly flavored with honey and pizza laurel leaves. Pizza was the food of commoners and not different ritual preparation and refinement of consumption. In modern terms, the pizza was ordinary bread, "sandwich", "sandwich".

So, probably, would have lasted longer if it would be in 1772, King Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies did not break the rules and not visited incognito night in Naples pizza local pizza maker Antonio tests nicknamed Thunder. And he was really defeated a variety of dishes, delighted with the quality of their preparation.

Royal cooks quickly find, went to the "intelligence" to the foot of Mount Vesuvius, got hold of recipes, but to introduce new dishes in the royal menu failed. Opposed the queen, did not even want to touch the "food plebeians."

It has been over a hundred years. The royal couple, while in the summer residence of Naples, wanted to try this local dish. And the birthday of the beautiful Margaret of Savoy, wife of King Umberto I, who became the head of the newly united the Italian kingdom, the court was called pizza maker Raffaele Esposito and his wife, Rosina Brandi.

Judging by the evidence, they made three kinds of pizza. One of them consisted of tomatoes, mozzarella and basil in the same colors as the Italian flag: red, white and green. Queen especially liked the pizza, and it allowed to call it by its name, thus initiating the culinary canon. Pizza "Margarita" the queen ordered only bake in the ovens of her palace of Capodimonte.

But soon this order, like most other decrees in Italy, was dissolved in the revolutionary people's disobedience. "Margaret" was the favorite dish of all Italians - from the fisherman to the Marquis. Over time, there is an increasing number of new varieties of this dish - this pizza dough based, and based on the fresh test of corn flour (Genoa) ..., and the toppings are becoming more diverse.

However, in 1974 the Italian historian Massimo Albertini calls the Italians grown fond legend pure invention. No special resonance his statement does not cause, but a deli and famous Neapolitan journalist Corrado Erichelli taken in this regard, his own "cooking" the investigation, the results of which make the history of pizza "Margarita" more plausible.

According to his version tricolor pizza "tricolor" was really prepared for the first time in 1889, namely, June 6 at the royal court in Naples. However, the master pizzaiolo named Pappino Brandi. As a reward for his "invention", which came in the truest sense of the word "to the court", he received a special letter, which can still be seen in the family pizzeria "Brandi."

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