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A lot of soups

Very popular this soup as halophytes. A distinctive feature is the fact that it is prepared to use several types of meat, and the more of them there are, the better. So. a hodgepodge add ham, beef, kidneys, tongue. sausages. sausage, chicken hearts. To make the grab-bag more original and unusual taste in it put smoked meat, the best bone with his remains, because of they do a tasty broth. In addition, the hodgepodge add pickles, capers, which give the dish a sharp and distinctive taste. Halophytes are an integral part of black and green olives, which add to the soup just before serving. Also in-bag before being taken to put slices of lemon, peeled, parsley or dill and sour cream.

Also popular soups such as pickle, bozbash, kharcho. They are distinguished by the richness and sharpness, as are Caucasian cuisine.

Pickle like a hodgepodge that are an integral part of the pickles. It can be cooked in meat or chicken broth. Also pickle can be cooked in fish broth and serve with a slice of cooked walleye and sturgeon.

Bozbash produced only from mutton, which is cut into pieces weighing 30-40 g In another saucepan cook peas and after about 1-1.5 hours in it add the meat, separating before all the little bones. Then add the broth browned onions in butter, chopped potatoes and apples, tomato puree, salt, pepper.

Kharcho prepared mainly from beef brisket, but you can replace it with bacon and lamb. In the broth add finely chopped onion, crushed garlic, rice, sour plum, salt, pepper. For summer when it's hot and you do not want anything greasy and spicy, the most suitable broths and soups from vegetables.

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