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Kosher pizza

Israeli pizzeria "Pizza maestro" proudly claims in their advertising that they were able to make pizza, kosher for Passover, and invites all Israelis celebrate the festival of freedom in the pizzeria. Online edition of Maariv claims, however, that the investigative report indicates: "kosher pizza" really does not meet the requirements of kashrut.

All kosher restaurant chain "Pizza maestro" in Easter week closed, and those that serve a "kosher pizza" is not kosher throughout the year, as there serves pizza with cheese and meat.

Head of one of the restaurant chain, located in Kfar Saba, explained that "pizza, of course, non-kosher for religious orthodoxy, but it is kosher for those who eat meat and milk together."

And the meaning of advertising, in fact, lies in the fact that this pizza dough only kosher for Passover, while the filling is not kosher at all. So people who keep the commandments, still have to do in the holidays without pizza ...

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