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Italian food: tradition and diversity

The conventional wisdom is the fact that the basis of Italian cuisine are traditions of the ancient Romans, Greeks, Arabs, and other ancient peoples who once inhabited the territory of present-day Italy.

It is on this Italian cuisine diverse and ambiguous, because under the broad term "Italian food" gathered the traditions and customs of many lands and province in Italy. Kitchen each province is somehow different from the others. Each province has its own unique and sometimes unexpected culinary solutions. Similarly, the tradition of eating may vary in different locations of Italy.

Typically, eating starts with a variety of snacks, after which serves salads, generously with olive oil. Only after the salads are served hot and hearty soups. But sometimes, instead of the entrees are served pasta or risotto. It is understandable, as the Italian table without pasta. For dessert, usually served cake or sponge cake.

All stages of the meal in Italian you feeling on her, tasting Italian restaurant in Kiev or sit with friends in a cozy pizzeria Kiev). Real Italian miracle - tiramisu cake. Italians just love their ice cream. Italian ice cream there are many species and varieties.

When we talk about Italian cuisine can not forget about coffee. Culture of consumption of this drink is very well developed in this country. Italian brand drinks are cappuccino and espresso.

And of course wine! What table in Italy be without fault. Wine production in Italy it is possible to tell a cult which has existed since ancient times. Vineyards in Italy existed 2,500 years ago. Currently, Italy is one of the largest wine producers in the world.

The most popular wine in Italy, Chianti. It is known all over the world red wine, which is produced in Tuscany. Chianti should drink out of pot-bellied glasses, the average temperature of wine should be around 17 degrees Celsius.

It is also worth mentioning the famous Italian liqueur - amaretto. It is made from bitter and sweet almonds. Amaretto popular around the world because of its astringent, bitter, sweet taste.

You would think that Italian food is too rich in calories and threatening figure, but it is not so. Especially dangerous figure people see pasta. But all of pasta spaghetti, pasta and others are made from durum wheat, and this fact does not give a figure blurred.

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