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How to choose a restaurant

Need to find where to celebrate a corporate holiday, personal anniversary or birthday? To start think about where all your guests will be cozy and comfortable. If you plan to invite people who prefer a quiet chat in the walls of a respectable institution and at the same time to eat, do not hesitate to choose a restaurant or banquet hall of Kiev.

In the selection of restaurants think what is most important to your guests:

- type of cuisine restaurants (there are more than 50 destinations, the most popular: European, Oriental, Mexican, Caucasian, exotic);

- than brighten leisure guests (billiards, card games, laser shooting, strip (do not forget about Monty), disco, karaoke);

- geographical location of the restaurant (the center of Kiev, rural complex in nature, a restaurant on the water, a summer terrace).

If you're planning a business meeting in a restaurant with foreigners, you have two options: either to consider their cuisine and tradition (the German beer in a pub in the English restaurant with European cuisine, the Japanese - a seafood restaurant, etc.), or to show them the power of Ukrainian cuisine.

Also remember that when choosing a banquet hall, its size must be well matched to the number of guests. In a very large room, guests may feel uncomfortable, because they will scattered in different corners of the room.

If your choice falls on too small room, guests will quickly feel a nice cozy atmosphere, but most of all, very quickly begin to "gasp" from the lack of fresh air, and the dancers are constantly bumping into tables with seated guests.

Do not forget that when renting a banquet hall you rent a room just for the banquet. So do not be surprised if in the midst of the holiday will find that there is room next to strangers.

The same applies to launch fireworks and walking through the restaurant. Therefore it is better to talk to the administrator restaurant all the rent - the possibility of the use of pyrotechnics to the banal with grape arbor in the institution.

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