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Hot Snacks

Unlike other foods hot snacks take the pieces of fish and meat, the smaller, because they are not the main meal, as a prelude to the main course. Therefore, even if as a hot snack serve burgers or other products, they do also not very large. It should be remembered that the hot snacks are served without a side dish and cook them just before serving.

As snacks may make different meat or fish dishes, eggs, mushrooms, with different kinds of sauces, cakes, pies, cakes and pie with cabbage and other ingredients.

Also hot snacks are considered meat meatballs with spicy onion sauce, ham, fried with mustard and tomatoes, meatballs in tomato sauce, meat or fish hodgepodge pan, grilled kidneys with tomatoes, fried perch fillet, cut into small slices, and other dishes.

Most basic hot snacks include fried sausage and ham. Cut them in slices, on the one hand smeared with mustard, on the other hand fry in a pan with butter. Then the slices are placed on sliced ??bread and figures to the table.

Can be used as appetizers small sausages. Well cooked in lightly salted water sausages served with mustard and horseradish. They can be cooked in a different way. Sausage cut into 3-4 equal pieces and fry in a pan for two minutes, then add thinly sliced, salted and poperchennye tomatoes with them again fry sausages until golden brown. This dish is sprinkled with chopped greens, you can add a little grated garlic.

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