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Like eating pizza

Once upon a dish eaten only his hands, but now we have a more convenient alternative - fork and knife. By the way, in the historic homeland pizza almost never cut into pieces before serving, so eating it with my hands is quite difficult. Better support for the pizza - the wine, the specific form of which can be selected depending on the filling pizza.

Of course, wine for pizza pick simple and inexpensive as this dish, for all his undoubted merits, can not be counted among the most exquisite dishes. Basically, to pizza and beer may be appropriate, but I must say, the Italians rarely choose this combination.


Neapolitan pizza is prepared for a special sauce. Kilogram of crushed tomatoes in the pan to a state of puree. In this mixture add 2-3 basil leaves, dried spices, such as oregano and marjoram - to taste, black pepper, 2 cloves garlic (and sometimes onion), a pinch of salt. The sauce is cooked for 15 minutes to an hour in an open pan with constant stirring. In a frozen sauce can be stored up to 4 months.

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