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Custom pizza

We bring you the podborkku materials on non-standard versions of pizza - from Japanese to Italian pizza cone.

Live pizza

The Japanese continue to amaze us with their original variations on well-known dishes. For example, "okonomiyaki", or pizza in Japanese. When you eat this "pizza", it seems that you bring to your mouth creature. "Okonomiyaki" is included in the menus of many Japanese restaurants, and in the preparation of this unpretentious dishes involved the visitors.

"Okonomiyaki" literally translates as "fry what you taste." It's about filling meal, which is a big ruddy fried tortilla dough with seafood and vegetables, well-greased special sauce and sprinkle with dried tuna. Outwardly, all this construction resembles a pizza. A transparent petals tuna, stirring from the fumes of hot air ready "pizza" to cause quite a strange feeling - it seems that you bring to your mouth creature ...

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