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Cone shaped pizza

Italian architect invented the pizza, which you can turn off in the form of a cone, it was convenient to eat on the go. The invention is shown in the traditional Milan Furniture Fair and is wildly popular. The meaning of the invention is a pizza could compete with hamburgers and shawarma. Kiosks for selling pizza cone is also expected to build a conical shape. In all other respects this is a classic Italian pizza with no fashion in recent additions like pineapples.

This new addition to the range of fast food meals pizza named Kono. This is one of the most prominent pieces of furniture exhibition in Milan (in the outdoor restaurant design), which opens this week.

Marco Piva, the Milanese architect, specially designed tapered trade stall to match the new pizza Kono, reports The Washington Times. Pizza is - the invention of Rossano Boscolo hotel owner.

In the next few months in Italy will be the first dozen stalls selling Kono. Most will sell traditional pizza Margherita with tomato sauce, cheese and basil, but there will be other types, such as "The Four Seasons" and kaprikkoza.

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