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Choosing a restaurant in Kiev in the kitchen

Chinese restaurant

The concept of "Chinese food" includes many varieties. Usually, this term refers to Beijing, Cantonese, Sichuan and Shanghai dishes. They vary between different sets of products and different ways of cooking.

Dinner at the Chinese always strictly at one and the same time - at noon, and the system power thrice. The most popular staple food is rice in China, for example, rice porridge is a substitute for bread. Apart from rice, cereals used for making the following grains: maize, millet and sorghum.

The menu offers a lot of Chinese food dishes prepared with vegetables. And that's fine - Chinese uses vegetables in almost every dish. Also routinely used in all kinds of soy (soybean oil, milk, soy cheese).

Italian restaurant

Probably there is no person who would not try the most famous Italian dishes - pizza. The history of pizza is quite simple: in the Middle Ages was considered a pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the common people. Initial filling pizza was simple and repetitive - mushrooms and anchovies.

Today pizza - it's the whole industry supply. Pizza cooked in Italian restaurants, and in each of the more than 100 pizzerias Kiev. But Italian food is not over. Usually, the restaurant's menu includes national Italian food: spaghetti, tomato paste and various other dishes with traditional spices and sauces.

Italian restaurants VIP-level offering pizza in ovens - just like in the Middle Ages. For pizza and other Italian dishes are usually served antipasti - traditional Italian meals.

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