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What is a cafe-restaurant?

In every city you can find a cafe or restaurant, and in large cities, especially such as Moscow, they simply do not count. It seems that it is impossible to come up with something that has been invented in this area.

But there still is something to pay attention - a cafe-restaurant.

These institutions - we can say it is a product of our life: the day no time to do everything as quickly as possible, including the food, no matter how bad it is, and in the evening or late at night can be, especially at night, the next morning do not need to work, good fun and drawn, for all that it was not important to anyone with friends or family, whether in terms of topics of interest, of course.

Cafe restaurants have all the features of both institutions: Cafe - Quick Menu, in big and little bit more expensive option is even a separate room, a restaurant - great service, great rooms, a variety of evening programs. There are even separate from the beer bars and children's menus are also included in the "equipment."

With all the signs of a cafeteria and restaurant, they could still be attributed to the third option. The reason is that despite the fact that they have symptoms of a cafe - but it is not exactly what they do not have the kind of atmosphere that exists in the traditional cafe, because they often have a theme, a spark, either for the young generation and the like. As a restaurant with the same first class service: the same food, the quality and level - it still lacks an elite, the increase of the word "cafe" is still underestimate the level that does not allow to rise to this level.

They do not say that is gray, certainly not, as many of them in their vivid, memorable, but there is a certain sense of averageness in them. Answering the question, what is a cafe restaurant, it can be said that to some extent they are symbols of our way of life, like a light bulb - the symbol of electricity.

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