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Additional services of restaurants

Usually restaurants are oriented not only on individual visitors, offering catering, banquets of corporate dinners. If you are looking for a restaurant such an event, including the factors the capacity of the restaurant, rent and food preparation. For details on how to choose a restaurant, read the guidelines for choosing a banquet hall on Link.ua.

VIP-level restaurants are usually located in the center of Kiev, and inexpensive, and it does not at least you can eat in the restaurants, and the average level in residential areas and suburban complexes.

Quality of food in restaurants

Apart from international rating and assessment systems as a restaurant, a mandatory standard is a license and comply with sanitary conditions. In addition, the conditional performance - awards, diplomas, etc. Usually they are placed on the walls at the entrance to the restaurant, or are part of the decor of the room.

FYI restaurant

- Table order in a restaurant is better in advance, otherwise you risk to come in, look at the others and get away with anything;

- Do not forget that there is a concept of the dress code and face control, so I must clarify this point, the administrator at the order table;

- When set menu you can apply four different forks. It will be better if you will be guided as to what to eat with a fork (in the Internet there are many articles on the subject)

- Do not forget to pay for lunch or dinner. Also considered good manners to tip. Usually the amount of tip is 10% of the bill.

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