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About soups

Soup in composition resemble soup, but instead they put beets cabbage (summer - mostly fresh), and winter - sauerkraut. To make them more spicy taste, they can add cloves. Most soup - is a summer soup, because it put a lot of fresh greens, but in the winter it is also relevant.

Ing for cooking does not require a lot of time and effort. The main thing is for them to well-cooked meat. Once the meat (or fish) broth is ready, it is necessary to filter in a soup pot, to shift to the same meat, add fresh or sauerkraut, roasted roots. 5-10 minutes before the end of cooking, add the cabbage in a bay leaf, pepper, braised greens. Before serving ing should be removed from the meat, cut it, put in a dish, pour them into the soup, add sour cream, sprinkle with herbs.

In addition to meat soups, there are fish. Such soups are called soup. To fit any fish soup, but this soup is cooked mainly of small fish, and its not clean and gut, and just throw them into salted water. To flavor the broth add a lot of green - bay leaf, dill and parsley. This is the first real ear. Also, this soup is the soup, which, except for the fish, add the carrots and potatoes. They need to be cut in large pieces and make sure they do not seethe and did not turn to mush. In this soup do not add wheat, otherwise the ear will become a common fish soup.

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