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About pizza


Increases the number of platelets, enhances deposition. Used in gemorragichnyh diathesis.

An annual herb of the family sesame. Originally from Africa, the oldest oilseed plant. Sesame seeds contain oil, the quality is not inferior olive. It includes useful for the body acids (oleic, linoleic, palmetinovaya and others). The oil has anti-inflammatory and hemostatic properties, promotes blood formation.

Flour for pizza

Flour for pizza is taken very finely ground, it adds natural yeast. The dough should ferment within days. Then rolled very thin tortilla. These pizza maker can not only roll, but smartly juggling such cakes. In Italy, even arranged special contests for a pizza, and the one who can not prodelyvat circus with this popular dish, can forever say goodbye with hope in the first place.


Italian cheese traditionally made from buffalo milk. Traditionally served with sliced ??tomatoes, basil and olive oil. Curdled milk in warm water becomes elastic and eventually breaks down into fibers, and those getting into hot water curl into balls - and that is a mozzarella. Cheese has a snow-white color with the smell of milk and sour taste.

This cheese is sold in whey or brine, and its shelf life is short. And smoked mozzarella is stored for long periods. Currently, there are many types of cheese are made from cow's milk. Their taste has little to do with mozzarella from buffalo milk.

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